Prof. Yury Illarionov was born in Leningrad (now St-Petersburg) in 1988. He studied solid state physics in Peter the Great St-Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia) where he received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in 2009 and 2011, respectively. From 2010 to 2012 he studied advanced material science in Grenoble INP (France) and University of Augsburg (Germany) in frameworks of Functionalized Advanced Materials and Engineering (FAME) Erasmus Mundus program and in September 2012 received a double European M.Sc. degree. In January 2015 he received the PhD degree in semiconductor physics from Ioffe Institute (Russia) and in December 2015 his second PhD degree degree from TU Wien (Austria). In 2016-2022 he had been working as a postdoc researcher in the Institute for Microelectronics of TU Wien (Austria) which has been known as a strong TCAD modeling center but due to Yury’s work also became world-recognized for pioneering research on 2D electronics. Prof. Yury Illarionov has already coauthored more than 80 contributions including papers in top journals like Nature Electronics, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano among others (>25 as the first or corresponding author). In 2020 he has got IEEE Senior Member title and also served as an official Russian delegate for BRICS Young Scientist Forum. He also has a very broad international collaboration network which includes top scientists from Russia, China, USA, Germany and other countries.

Liu Jiansong, born in October, 2005,joined in SUSTech for a bachelor’s degree. Now studying as a computer science undergraduate. 2023.9 to present  Southern University of Science and Technology undergraduate

Ji Yutao, born in November, 2004,joined in SUSTech for a bachelor’s degree. Now studying as a physics undergraduate. 2023.9 to present Southern University of Science and Technology, undergraduate

Administrative Assistant

Administrative staff

Shunyu Zhong, graduated from Xiamen University with B.A in English Language and Literature. She has more than 10 years of working experience in international project management and 5 years of overseas living and working experience.  She is fluent in English and German with the TEM-8 and TestDaF TND4-5 certificates.  Since April 2023, she has worked as the administrative assistant for the Laboratory of 2D Optoelectronics and Nanoelectronics led by Prof. Yury Illarionov.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Muhammad Zubair Nawaz, currently serving as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China, was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He pursued his academic journey in Physics at the Institute of Physics, Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, where he earned his BS (Hons) and M.Phil degrees in 2014 and 2017, respectively.
In May 2023, Dr. Zubair successfully completed his PhD degree through the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) program in Materials Science and Engineering (New Energy Materials and Devices) from the Shanghai Institute of Intelligent Electronics and Systems at Donghua University, Shanghai, China.
Currently, he holds the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Southern University of Science and Technology, working under the supervision of Prof. Yury Illarionov. Dr. Zubair’s research focuses on 1D-semiconductor micro-nanostructures, 2D layered/non-layered materials, and their applications as state-of-the-art hybrid flexible sensors.
Dr. Zubair boasts an impressive portfolio, having coauthored more than 10 research articles, including contributions to esteemed journals such as ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Advanced Materials Technologies, ACS Applied Electronics Materials, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, ACS Omega, Materials Advances, ACS ES&T Water, and Chemistry Letters (with over 5 as the first author).
In recognition of his outstanding academic achievements, Dr. Zubair received the Best International Researcher and Student Awards from Donghua University, Shanghai, China, in both 2022 and 2023. He is also a potential reviewer for several top international journals, including Advanced Optical Materials, Advanced Materials Interfaces, and Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers. Recently, Dr. Zubair was honored with an Honorary Research Fellow position in the STEMM Laboratory and Center of Graphene at the University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom, working under the supervision of Prof. Anna Baldycheva and co-supervision of Prof. Monica Craciun.

Postdoctoral Researchers

YaJing Chai, received the B. S. degree in Mathematics and Physics from Inner Mongolia University, Hohhot, China, in 2014 and M. S.-D. S. degree in Physics from Inner Mongolia University, Hohhot, China, in 2021. She is currently working as a post doc in two-dimensional material with the Department of Material and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China. Her research interests include: 1. Modeling and theoretical analyzing of graphene field-effect transistors using physics-based compact models. 2. Top-down versus bottom-up Comphy simulations of graphene-based electronics. 3. A physical model for the hysteresis in FETs based on graphene and other 2D materials.

PhD Students

Doctoral Candidate

Yezhu lv,received the B.S. degree and M.S. degree in the department of physical science and technology from university of Jinan,Jinan,China. Now she is a PhD student and focus on modeling and theoretical analysis of two-dimensional MoS2 field effect transistors, studying hysteresis dynamics and other phenomena of field effect transistors, and using TCAD tool to simulate the reliability and stability of field effect transistors with two-dimensional channel.

Mater Students

Master Degree Candidate

Junhao Zhang was born in August 2001. He graduated from material chemistry at Qingdao University of Science and Technology in 2023-07 as a Bachelor and joined SUSTech for a master’s degree. Now he is  devoted to research about the Characterization and modeling of low-dimensional systems (nanoparticles, 2D materials).

Master Degree Candidate

WuYehao, born in August, 1999. Graduated from material science and engeneering in SUSTech in 2021-07 as a Bachelor, joined in SUSTech for master degree. Now devoting in research about nanoscale metal-semiconductor fabrication and analysis.

Tutored Bachelor Students

Liu Jiansong, born in October, 2005,joined in SUSTech for a bachelor’s degree. Now studying as a computer science undergraduate. 2023.9 to present  Southern University of Science and Technology undergraduate

Ji Yutao, born in November, 2004,joined in SUSTech for a bachelor’s degree. Now studying as a physics undergraduate. 2023.9 to present Southern University of Science and Technology, undergraduate

Past Members (Alumni)


Post-Docs, PhD, and MS Students:

Prof. Alwin Daus, post-doc (2019-21)
Dr. Sam Vaziri, post-doc (2017-20)
Prof. Kevin Brenner, post-doc (2018-19)
Prof. Aditya Sood, post-doc (2018)
Prof. Miguel Muñoz Rojo, post-doc (2016-18)
Prof. Eilam Yalon, post-doc (2015-18)
Dr. Michal J. Mleczko, post-doc (2017)
Prof. Feng Xiong, post-doc (2013-16)
Dr. Zuanyi Li, post-doc (2014-15)
Dr. Yong Cheol Shin, post-doc (2014-16)
Dr. Ashkan Behnam, post-doc (2010-13)
Dr. Myung-Ho Bae, post-doc (2009-11)

29. Dr. Asir I. Khan, Ph.D. EE (2023)
28. Dr. Michelle E. Chen, Ph.D. MSE (2023)
27. Dr. Connor Bailey, Ph.D. EE (2023)
26. Dr. Victoria Chen, Ph.D. EE (2022)
25. Dr. Kirstin Schauble, Ph.D. EE (2022)
24. Dr. Alex Gabourie, Ph.D. EE (2021)
23. Dr. Connor McClellan, Ph.D. EE (2021)
22. Dr. Stephanie Bohaichuk, Ph.D. EE (2020)
21. Dr. Isha Datye, Ph.D. EE (2020)
20. Dr. Runjie (Lily) Xu, Ph.D. EE (2020)
19. Dr. Sanchit Deshmukh, Ph.D. EE (2020)
18. Dr. Chris Neumann, Ph.D. EE (2019)
17. Dr. Saurabh Suryavanshi, Ph.D. EE (2018)
16. Dr. Kirby Smithe, Ph.D. EE (2018)
15. Dr. Ning Wang, Ph.D. EE (2018)
14. Dr. Feifei Lian, Ph.D. EE (2018)
13. Dr. Chris English, Ph.D. EE (2017)
12. Dr. Michal Mleczko, Ph.D. EE (2016)
11. Dr. Zuanyi Li, Ph.D. Physics (2015)
10. Prof. Sharnali Islam, Ph.D. ECE (2015)
9. Dr. Enrique Carrion, Ph.D. ECE (2015)
8. Dr. Andrey Serov, Ph.D. ECE (2014)
7. Dr. Kyle Grosse, Ph.D. MechSE (2014)
6. Dr. Vincent Dorgan, Ph.D. ECE (2014)
5. Prof. Feng Xiong, Ph.D. ECE (2014)
4. Dr. Joshua Wood, Ph.D. ECE (2013)
3. Prof. David Estrada, Ph.D. ECE (2013)
2. Dr. Albert Liao, Ph.D. ECE (2012)
1. Dr. Zhun-Yong Ong, Ph.D. Physics (2011)

Ryan Grady, M.S., EE (2019)
Sungduk Hong, M.S., ECE (2013)
Austin S. Lyons, M.S. Thesis, ECE (2011)
Balaji Ramasubramanian, M.S. Thesis, ECE (2010)

Undergraduate Researchers:

(thesis recipients underlined)
Felix Zhang (2023)
Vivian Auduong (2022)
Connor Cremers (2022)
Neel Roy (2021-22)
Kamila Thompson (2021)
Noor Fakih (2020)
Maisy Lam (2020)
Sidra Nadeem (2020)
Paul Bates Walter (2019)
Linsen Li (2018)
Andrew Yu (2017)
Bozo Vareskic (2017)
Megan Yamoah (2016)
Stephone Christian (2016)
Anika Manzo (2016)
Aria Tedjarati (2016)
Erin Antono (2015-16)
Peter Satterthwaite (2015)
Priyanka Rao (2015)
Justin Doong (2014-15)
Job Nalyanya (2014)
Tim Anderson (2014)
Yeshar Hadi (2014)
Maryann Tung (2013)
Muneeb Ahmed (2013)
Juan-Pablo Llinas (2012-13)
Jayan Hewaparakrama (2012-13)
Christopher Neumann (2012)
Yuan Dai (2012)
Akshay Malik (2011-12)
Alicia Hoag (2011-12)
Xuanyu Zhong (2012)
Sumit Dutta (2011)
Gautam Shine (2011)
Eric Kwan (2011)
Chun-Ming Ching (2011)
Jose Matamoros (2011)
Jen-Chieh Liu (2011)
Dominic Ortigara (2010)
Yang Zhao (2009)
Shreya Prakash (2009)
Ryan Pecora (2009)
Aidee San Miguel (2009)
I-Ru (Tim) Chen (2008)
Jerry Lee (2008)
William Wahby (2007)
Jaime Valle (2007)

Future Members

We are always looking for bright, energetic, new group members, who enjoy the sorts of things that we do, but can also bring new skills and new ideas to our group.

  • Post-doc applicants, please send your CV with a short email cover letter (text) to Prof. Pop. Please see this Twitter thread I wrote to help you with such a “cold email” and how to format your CV.
  • Prospective graduate students, please carefully read this FAQ before applying to Stanford EE, MSE, or whichever department fits you best.
  • Undergraduates, if you are already at Stanford, please apply through SUPER or one of the Stanford REU programs. If you are in the US but not at Stanford, please apply through SURFSRCNSF, or another US-wide program. If you are not in the US, please look for a coordinated program between Stanford and your university. We cannot supervise internships or research projects for students not affiliated with Stanford.


Dr. Sergey Suturin, Ioffe Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (2024. 06)

Dr. Evgeniia Lobanova, Ioffe Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (2024. 06)

Prof. Matthew Gilbert, Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2018)
Luis Ruelas, Downtown College Prep, Alum Rock (2017)
Prof. Xinran Wang, Nanjing University (2017)
Prof. Akiko Ueda, University of Tsukuba (2017)
Takaaki Uno, JSR Corp. Japan (2015-17)
Henry Fung, Irvington High School, Fremont (2016)
Prof. Davide Donadio, Max Planck (now UC Davis) (2015)
Massimiliano Bianchi, Politecnico di Milano Como (2012)
Andrea Cappelli, Univ. of Modena (2012)
Marina Timmermans, Aalto University (2011)
Ilaria Imperiale, Univ. of Bologna (2011)
Prof. Daniele Ielmini, Politecnico di Milano (2010)
Prof. Junichiro Shiomi, Univ. of Tokyo (2009)
Thierry Tsafack, Univ. of Bologna (2009-10)

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