About Our Research

Two-dimensional (2D) materials offer great opportunities for both nanoscale FETs and other electronic devices which do not require aggressive scaling, such as optoelectronics and sensors. However, all these devices also require suitable gate insulators which would form sharp interfaces with 2D channels, contain low density of defects and allow scalable growth at technologically feasible temperatures.

The group of Prof. Yury Illarionov focuses on finding suitable insulators for different types of 2D devices and work on the following research themes:

– Fabrication of filed-effect transistors, photodetectors and sensors with different 2D channels and new insulators such as fluorides and native oxides

– Advanced characterization of the performance and reliability of these devices in a broad range of temperatures

– Advanced TCAD modeling of device performance and reliability to finally determine which combinations of insulators and 2D channels would enable the most competitive transistors, photodetectors and sensors

– Development of scalable fabrication techniques for the most promising devices, which would also fit technologically feasible thermal budgets (cooperation with industry would be especially valuable for this topic)